War Against the Racist Police State

A new poster to fuel war against the police. The cracks in society are clearer than ever, and widening with every police shooting, and every riot and attack on the police. Fuck the police, Ferguson and everywhere.

waragainsttheracistpolicestate copy



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Quartersheets for Grand Jury Decision

These quartersheets are designed to be printed double-sided; one side has information about the murder of Mike Brown and police in America, the other side has useful tips for attending demonstrations. Print them out and share them in bulk at any protests about the grand jury decision.

Fuck the police.


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New Posters & Zine for Ferguson

This site intends to be a repository of resources for anti-police struggles in Ferguson, MO and beyond. While there have been many inspiring stories and pictures from Ferguson, there has been little in the way of printable materials made available to spread the news beyond the televisions and onto the streets of our own towns. Hopefully some of the resources collected here will be useful. Expect more in the next day.

Two Ferguson posters, a zine compiled from testimonials from Ferguson, and a legal-sized handout with two excellent short texts discussing riot shaming and self-policing:



and a zine

fergusoncover copyand a single sheet handout including “Let Us Not Become Police, Let Us Not Become Sheep” a “Hey, Step Back With the Riot Shaming.” For printing on legal (8 1/2 x 14) paper.

ferguson sheet

More to come soon, as well as hopefully a more useful and navigable website.


in the meantime, check out the page of zine suggestions regarding past anti-police struggles


apologies for any typos, errors, etc. in posters, and zines, this has all been rather hasty. please leave feedback, zine suggestions, additional posters, etc. in the comments for now until we get a better email system up and running.



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